Northern Mongolia’s best horseback treks and expeditions.

Our selection of rides in Mongolia’s northern Hovsgol region tell the story of the nomads who live in and migrate through this dramatic landscape.

These trails are used by local herders to migrate between seasonal pastures and in fact many are very ancient routes perhaps even ridden by Chinggis Khan himself. Choose from the suggested routes below, or use these as a starting point to work with us on planning your ideal trip. We are offering both fully guided and catered trips as well as self-catering adventures.

The Rides

Private group trips and self catering options available one request. Please get in touch for more details.

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About the region

Mongolia’s northernmost region, Hovsgol Aimag, is where the rolling steppes give way to Siberian taiga. The region is renowned for, and named after, the 85 mile long Lake Hovsgol, the cherished Blue Pearl of Mongolia. 

The lake is overlooked by the Horidal Saridag Mountains, habitat to Argali sheep and Ibex, and some of the most impressive alpine scenery in the country. Beyond the Horidal Mountains lies the Darhad Valley, a broad span of grassland, marshes and rivers ringed by the mountain wilderness of the Taiga.

The region is home to Khalkh, Darhad, and Buryat Mongols and the Dukha reindeer herders. Being landscapes of important conservation, cultural, and environmental significance much of the area is now designated as national parks or special protected areas.


Why Choose Us?

  • Our routes are based on 20 years experience and expert local knowledge.

  • Our horse packing trips enable us to get well off the beaten track in the company of local horsemen.

  • We now offer self-catering packages for private group trips.

  • We use our own hand made Russian and Cossack style trail saddles.

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Our 15 page Hovsgol horse riding PDF contains more detailed information on all these rides, download it here.

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